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Principal's Message

Hey, Kingsley Lions, this is not goodbye, but see you soon. 


I am very proud to be part of our community.  As a Pomona High School graduate, I take pride in helping young students grow and become successful.  


When I was given the opportunity to be your Principal, I was very excited to be in my community because I grew up down the street.  Although I moved away to college, my heart remained in Pomona. 


When school started, none of us foresaw COVID-19 disrupting our school year.  We were all asked to take on new roles.   Without hesitation, all of you showed G.R.I.T. (gratitude, respect, integrity, and thinking skills). I am so proud of our staff, parents, and students for stepping up to the challenge and doing stellar work during these trying times. You have demonstrated that no matter what, we strive to succeed.  Parents, thank you for doing your best to navigate Zoom with your children.  Students, thank you for showing up each day ready to learn.  Teachers, thank you for going above and beyond to reach all of our students.  Also, planning great lessons and, most importantly, for doing your best work with flexibility and positivity. 


One message I live by is no matter how smart you are, if you don't do the work, you have fewer possibilities to be successful.   Success comes from work, and it starts with you now!  This does not mean you will always succeed.  Sometimes, you will fail, but GRIT is in learning from mistakes.  GRIT is rising up when life throws obstacles your way.   Like Nelson Mandela, the Great South African leader said, "I never lose. I either win or learn." Push yourself to learn even when it seems difficult. When you go to college or go straight to work, you WILL succeed if you learn to use GRIT. 


Achieving big dreams comes with hard work before, during, and after you get your dream.


It was my privilege to have worked with you this year.  To the class of 2020 I look forward to hearing about your successes.